a photo showing a fire with an American flag in the foreground.
Master Sgt. Christopher DeWitt, U.S. Air Force

I heard that the Devil died.
he lied and they cried, now
common sense is being pushed aside.

All because the Devil died
Someone let the people know the truth
about McDonald’s French fries.

Trump still lies and lies about
the lies he told, don’t he know
the Devil died.

No need to spy on you. He still
sees and knows your needs.

I know a man;
His brain is so small
He wouldn’t believe the Devil died
And lied about climate change
the world will never be the same.

No one to blame, you see, the Devil died,
And people laughed at scary movies
and men wear women’s clothing
on their way in.

Have you heard the news?
No it’s not fake news; this news from the
North, South, East, and West.

The Devil really died, read all about it.
It is with words as it is with
People who won’t believe the Devil died,
really died and people really cried
at his funeral.

Yes, the Devil has family too
Who would believe the Devil got old
and the Devil died? All in time.

It was said, lying here
Is one who made you fear,
and lust and cuss and envy
the wealth of others and not give
A thought to feed the needy child
All while you lived in sin
And whispered to you the lies
That you would find glory in war.
And made you change
His Lord’s words of truth to you
So may he rest in Hell, for ever more.