Image of a baseball in a glove
A baseball glove. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The morning after The Nationals won the World Series, I went to work on my corner.  

Like every day, I aimed to give my customers a positive spirit and professional attitude. “Good morning everyone,” I would say. “Have a Great day! This is Street Sense Media’s brand-new issue. Have a blessed day.”  

We were all coming off of a huge victory for the city, and it was a new edition of the paper to boo. I expected it to be a very positive morning and that most people at my worksite would return my greetings. I am thinking to myself, “Today is going to be a good day, The Nationals won the World Series.”  

But nope, when you think something is supposed to go a certain way, you’re always let down and left feeling hurt.  

“Why? Why are peoples’ attitudes just as mean as any other day?” I thought to myself. I didn’t understand, but maybe it’s not for me to understand. “Please have a blessed day folks, please have a blessed day,” I said humbly. Very few returned the humility in their responses — most just passed by in silence.  

After a big win from the home team, the next day is just like every other. I give thanks from the heart to those who support me. Imagine if — and I pray for this — I got 50 people to donate $20. I could cut my time at the train station and focus more on the positive things I have going for myself. I am trying hard to remove myself permanently from this horrible situation I am in.  

For the people that do help: “Thank you very much!”  

For the people that pass my by: “Please, pretty please, I need your help.” 

Thank you sincerely,  

Your Friendly Street Sense Vendor