Another day of treatment, and yes, it’s true: It takes years to make you feel alive.

Cancer is a very invasive and destructive enemy. Even afterward, attempting to repair and restore the damage caused by the treatment to fight the disease, the body remains broken. It is a very long process. With the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, you will never be 100 percent, because your immune system is weakened. My father was a victim of this aggressive and deadly disease.

Now, I focus on those who take the time to read this message to the end. In the most difficult moments of life, you realize who your real friends are or who really cares about and appreciates you. Unfortunately, most friends will leave you in the middle of a story. They may not even read your message if they see that it’s too long.

I would like to know who I can count on. Please, in honor of a relative or a friend who has cancer, is in remission and continues to fight cancer, or has died of cancer, repeat the words “Amen, it is done. Let the Almighty God be the Glory.” I wrote this to honor my father and all those who know the struggle. Amen.