Close up photo of cherry blossom flowers
Photo by Natalie Yu

The Cherry Blossom Festival was great. My friend Wendy Farrell and I had a ball, and we took lots and lots of pictures. Then we ate at the Spy Museum Cafe. Wendy had a salad and I had chicken fingers with a diet Coke. 

We even took a Flat Stanley (paper doll) we had renamed Flat Caryn. For people who do not know about Flat Stanley, he is a fictional person who is in children’s story books. 

Schoolchildren around the world mail each other Flat Stanley figures and write about his visit with them. Wendy’s friend’s child is doing a homework assignment about Flat Stanley’s travels around the country so Wendy and I took lots and lots of pictures of Flat Caryn as if she were real. 

Photo of a cherry blossom tree

Photo by Natalie Yu

Photo of Ken's flat Caryn doll held in front of the Washington Monument

Flat Caryn. Photo by Kenneth Belkosky