Daniel Lobo/Flickr

The broken, the broken
Who is helping them?
Those with hands and feet
Are they really out on the streets?

All day and night, the broken sleep
Unprotected, unsheltered
Seemingly unloved

They seek and seek, as you do
But what makes the difference?
Is it the amount of loot?

How do you fasten secure bootstraps?
Where is the all-seeing justice at?
All around us, what are we looking at?

Past, present, future generations
Truly, where are we?
What is the State of the Nation?

Crane after crane, and still no homes
No heart, no compassion
Feeling like I need to take action

Weapons of peace, are they having any effect?
What can we expect next?
If no one knows, then the poor need homes with heart

We are all called to do our part
Help all men, keep your eyes forward
You might be one
to fix the broken