Dean’s crew is feasting on spoiled fish, while Dean and Rags plot to make Bill’s friends sick and die.  Outfit make catapults made of popsicle sticks, with thousands of needles soaked in blood with AIDS.  It is pitch dark with no moon light.  The crew leaves Union Station under the cover of night sky and head to CAPTIOL hill, where they set the catapults up.  When ready, all the catapults, with  thousands of dip needles, are let go and land on Willie and his crews while they are sleep in their nest.  Many are stuck by the needles.  Dean’s crew dashes back to Union Station.


RAGS: Boss, it’s done!

DEAN:Good, good!  Boys, I’m happy!  Let’s have pizza.

RAGS: Boss, Bill will be coming for us now!

DEAN: Yes, yes I know, idiots.  Kills his broad.  I’ve had it with that cat!  I want him dead!  Dead!  We’re not in the business of knocking off broads, so don’t let that happen again!

RAGS: OK Boss, there won’t be any more slip-ups.  You know the crew didn’t see who ate the food.

DEAN: (as he takes out his golf club) Who did you give this hit to?

RAGS: Pledged under-crew.

DEAN: Go get them.

Pledged under-crew arrive. 

DEAN: Your crew were sent on a job and messed up.  killed Bill’s broad and now he’s crazy.  Now I’m going to kill him …and

Dean beats Pledged crew to death. 

RAGS: Boss!  They’re all dead!

DEAN: Take them up top and leave them on the side of the road so that cars can smash them to bits.  We know Bill is coming, so let’s rig up a surprise for him!  How much AIDS blood is left?

RAGS: Enough to do the job, boss!

DEAN: Have the boys get to work on it!  He won’t know what hit him!  He will die a slow and a painful death and we will be here to watch it!

Dean’s crew puts together a sling shot made of clothes hangers and rubber bands.  They set up under the man hole cover, pointing the needles straight up.


WILLIE: Larry, we were attacked last night.

LARRY: I know, I saw some of Dean’s goons and I ran for my life.

WILLIE: Needles, man! Many of my crew is sick and I am not feeling so good myself. Thank god that the wife and kids weren’t hit!

MICK: Bad news, WILLIE. You and your crew are infected with AIDS. All the needles were dip in blood.

WILLIE: What?! You mean we’re going to die?!

MICK: Not right now, but in a year or two.

WILLIE: Who’s going to raise my kids?

LARRY: It’s not too late. We can get a doctor. Listen to me! You’re not going to die! We will find help!


DEAN: There is only one way in for that cat! He will come through that entrance, so have the crews stay ready!

RAGS: Okay, boss!

DEAN: Good, good. I haven’t had cat stew in a while, at least a year or two ago. We will feast on him!

RAGS: Boss! Bill’s here! The boys just spotted him trying to find a way down.

DEAN: Good! Good! Don’t miss, Rags!

RAGS: I won’t miss, boss!

Bill removes the man hole cover and looks inside. As he does, Dean’s crew releases the AIDS slingshot and the needles slam into his chest.

DEAN (yelling): You will surely die now, Bill! That’s AIDS blood you’ve been stuck with! I want you to know that I had nothing to do with killing your broad. Please tell her that when you see her again! Get my point?