DC Crosswalk
Ted Eytan/Flickr

Downtown DC has the most beautiful office buildings with matching beautiful sidewalks that are oblong marble, square red brick, shining marble or pebbly granite and faced with beautiful shiny granite curbs. Pedestrians walk side by side among the beautiful office buildings and their matching sidewalks. The curbs are slippery when wet, and so are the sidewalks.

God forbid they are wet, sending pedestrians flying like acrobats in a circus, as they walk these beautiful matching sidewalks. Some move as if on a seesaw while walking on these sidewalks.
I called 311, the mayor’s office, to complain about one oblong patch of sidewalk on 14th and K NW because I noticed one day while I was selling my papers, that it was loose. Still nothing has been replaced.

So, why have these beautiful sidewalks when pedestrians can’t walk on them? My proposal is to change the sidewalks back to the 70’s when they were concrete. I never tripped on those nor did anyone else, unless they were drunk or sick with something to fall on the concrete. Now, apparently, you can call in to the mayor’s office to get a pothole fixed, faster than you can get a sidewalk replaced. The 311 operator will ask what address is attached to the loose sidewalk? As long as a person like me knows the sidewalk replacement is at 14 and K St NW, in front of the PNC Bank, that should be sufficient information without an address.