Fall foliage.
Kim Manley Ort / Flickr

Thanksgiving is usually a day of love and time with family and friends. Many places like churches serve the homeless community with food and shelter. The table is big enough for everyone there. God’s love spreads to all of us in need of a plate of food. Thanksgiving brings joy, happiness and warmth to all those across the world who are less fortunate.

Thanksgiving should be shared by everyone across the world, reaching out to all people with a hot cooked meal and joyful peace.

When there is no love given to the needy, we remember those who have been there with us that are no longer here. They live in our hearts with love, spirit, and memory, memory lives on forever and ever. Nobody can ever replace a smile that once was with us, at the dinner table saying Thanksgiving grace. That face lives on forever and ever.

We shared our prayer of love and thanks to God. “Bless the food we are about to receive…” as we are joined to eat a lovely holiday meal of Turkey with stuffing and gravy, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, collard greens, string beans, cranberry sauce, biscuits, rolls, potato salad, dessert: sweet potato pie, cherry pie, ice cream.

They are with the Lord above now, with all the treasures of loved ones and friends. They all set to sit down at the dinner table and have the largest meal ever with lots of love and honors. At a golden table with lots and lots of food, they look down on us with a heavenly smile. “Smile, rejoice, be happy – one day we will all be together as one,” they say. So enjoy your memories, remember their love and keep peace in your heart. Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

God Bless.