Image of a lake with fall color trees surrounding it.
Vicki DeLoach/ Flickr

Being homeless is a difficult circumstance, but there are some bright periods though.

During the holidays, a cheery “Happy Holidays” means a lot whether it come from strangers or other homeless people. I usually enjoyed those time of the year. There was always good food, sometimes at more than one place. At some places, there was the chance to meet someone famous.

At one shelter they gave people a choice between two meat entrees on Thanksgiving.

Family and loved ones were not with me, but there was often the feeling of being part of a festivity and people were more interested in each. People who never talked, smiled at each other were suddenly aware of each other and seemed to be happy in the presence of other people.

There could have been more presents distributed to the homeless during Christmas, I think, but these times were a little better than others.