The words Happy Thanksgiving on top of dried pile of leaves.
Photo courtesy of Public Domain Pictures.

I just wanna give a few Thanksgiving shout outs.
My Mom for life.
The people in my life for strife!
The grit and struggle to gain a slice of the American pie.
Dissecting the lies from the alibis.

Giving opportunities a real nice hard try.
The will to live and not to die,
like I will survive.
Cream of the crop so to the top I rise!
Up at sunrise, speculating on the spies along the ride.
They are in disguise, using me as their guide.
Friends offering places to placate your pride.

Shout out to Friendship Place for standing by my side!
Street Sense Media too, for being with me through the ride.
An acknowledgment to Pathways for the service it provides.
Still working on my hunger; which is king-sized.
Thankful for it all because this is life, I surmise…