Flowers in McLean
cranberries / Flickr

I am very thankful to God for allowing me to meet people and sell papers in McLean VA. McLean is one of the richest cities in the USA. God has truly blessed me in that city. I have met the homeless and the wealthy in that city. The city is not aware of the homeless. But they want to know about the homeless and what to do to help them. I think to them about a lot of issues, including that I am a Cowboys and Washington Caps fan. Today I work part-time at Embassy Autowash and sell Street Sense newspaper at Chainbridge Corners in McLean.

I was hit by two cars in one day, so my life is a blessing to help people. God has allowed me to be hit to be a blessing to someone else. In 2009, I met Ted Leonsis when he came out of the Verizon Center. God sent him to rescue me from homelessness. My mother and grandmother prayed for him years ago to save their baby boy.

I have learned and met a lot of positive people in McLean. They come by sometimes just to say hi. It is truly a pleasure to be able to wake up and make it to McLean. Thank You God for McLean VA and the people that are in my life.

Come by Chainbridge Corner and lets talk.