Rowhouses in Washington, DC
Photo by Yeon Choi on Unsplash

This light woman that buys Street Sense from me  

yes she has street sense you see.  

Always with a smile, a thank you sometimes before me,  

this light lady is as cool as can be  

a real down to earth light lady you see.  

Light lady don’t mean the color of her skin –  

This light lady is most times white but can be as black as me  

but the light of her smile you will always see.  

This light lady’s not too old, not too young,  

this light lady is a lady how God made ladies to be,  

this light lady who lights up dark days for me  

with kind words and bright smile for all to see.  

Even when she says “no thank you” to me,  

I write to say “thank you” from Street Sense vendors and me.  

For the light of your smile you see,  

that’s worth more than the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 dollars you sometimes give to me,  

and the words of encouragements the light lady gives to a guy like me.  

Down but not out is always in need so light lady it’s good to know that like you will  

always be.  

Thank you ladies for helping people trying to get back on their feet  

Those smiles and kind words are always in need.  

Robert also is an advocate. Contact: [email protected]