Future Technology. Photo courtesy of pixy.org

Greetings ladies an’ gentlemen! Since my last article, my observations have gone even deeper into my open-mind stages while trying my best to stay firm and afloat with this future technology and abreast amongst my temporary predicament of being homeless. 

I mean, this is my very first time being in such a situation. Albeit it’s temporary, the situation still lands as “it is what it is.” I do concur with the equilibrium of my medulla to a certain extent, anent my progression from such stages of “life-living” levels to “living-life” levels because of future technology. 

I still stand with puissance amongst my emotional elevation toward all lax I am receiving sans reality and its justification from that negligence. It’s sad that we’re at a point in time that a real dame has no recognition of a real man, and vice-versa. Ergo, has technology intervened in human beings’ era of control that should provide every person the opportunity to be at the life-living level? 

I would surmise not, as “each one teach one” no matter the culture. The human being an’ the technology for the future shouldn’t be at odds anent the human being living-life levels but should be at odds anent da levels of life living. 

To be continued. This is part of a trilogy.