I sometimes I shake my head when I think about how the American people can be so easily misled.  

Some say public servants are sincerely trying to help us. Others would lead us to believe that the same public servants are trying to hurt us. Maybe that is just the nature of politics. The Democrats and Republicans will always be fighting this war of words, misleading us to think they really have our best interests at heart. There are so many lives at stake. The American dream is at stake and perhaps it never existed in the first place.  

I wonder if people on the right who think of themselves as followers of Christ or people of faith, or as President Obama would say “God Followers,” think that after all the taxpayers money that has been spent, it has only kept the rich in their riches, instead of helping the middle class or the ranks of the poor.  

Some rich people and Republicans think that they shouldn’t pay a little more in taxes. When you think about it, these are the same people that the President and the Congress protected from the recession who are now saying, “Don’t raise our taxes to help the poor and middle class taxpayers who helped us.”  

It’s like you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You have Republicans and Democrats coming together to say, “We can’t let banks and corporations go broke, the rich folks and fat cats, because if we do things will really get worse for the poor and the middle class.”  

But at the same time, some of these rich folks and fat cats don’t care anything about the health and welfare of their fellow man. They only want to help themselves and those people who think they are so much better than you and I. People who don’t even have an idea of what a real hard day of work is.  

No, all rich folk are not like that; and most who have been helped out with taxpayer dollars to maintain their way of life would gladly pay a few more dollars in taxes. But in this war of politics, greed and lust for power this is what we get.  

Some would say this country is going to hell or becoming a third world country. I don’t know what it is going to take for people just to see the light.  

If we don’t take care of each other today we won’t have a country to take care of tomorrow. If people don’t have health care jobs and housing today, how can we be there for our children tomorrow?