Before Ann Coulter and Alex Jones, I warned Washingtonians: the Trump train was gaining full steam and headed straight to Washington. Unlike the pollsters and prognosticators, everything I said would happen, happened. I nailed it!

The Hillary zombies are shocked, horrified and upset. If I were a Democrat, I would be angry too. The establishment played you and you fell for it. Hillary zombies had the drapes measured and the champagne popping. It was hilarious watching Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell’s smugness turn to horror when they had to announce that Donald Trump will be their next president. But no one is enjoying this more than me.

While The Regressive Left points fingers at why Hillary got a Trumping, they haven’t learned anything! The same Democratic National Committee that rigged the election for Hillary still is floating retreads from yesteryear, such as Howard Dean, to lead them out of the wilderness.

When President Barack Obama was elected, he had two veto-proof majorities. But he went on to lose 14 Senate seats, 69 House seats, 12 governorships and 910 state legislature seats. Hillary ran on continuing President Obama’s legacy and was resoundingly repudiated. If the Democrats want to blame someone for their defeat, they shouldn’t blame working people, they should blame their stale ideology of playing the race card, high taxes and excessive regulations. This election sent a message that the populous is capable of making better decisions than a handful of elites that think they’re your betters.

This isn’t about Trump. People are under no illusion that he can’t betray us. However, everyday people were willing to go any length to be free from an arrogant pompous class of elites that looks at working people as deplorable. A vote for Trump was a vote not to allow our fate to be ruled by banksters, politicians and globalists. This wasn’t about right or left, Republican or Democrat — this fight is as old as our Republic itself and it’s about a right to independence and self-determination.

Trump’s rise wasn’t fueled by xenophobia, racism or misogyny. The signs were there in 2010 with the rise of the Tea Party, the ousting of Eric Cantor and then Brexit this summer. These populist uprisings should have been a clue to progressives that globalization was creating turmoil around the globe. But instead these self-proclaimed wise guys doubled down on two disastrous wars, Obamacare and excessive regulations. Globalization doesn’t help the poor — it leaves a wake of haves and have nots. Seventy-two percent of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction.

Americans didn’t necessarily like or agree with Trump, but wanted to vote for someone who would stick up for working people.

There’s liberalism and then there’s leftism. I’m a liberal. I tolerate viewpoints different from my own while leftists demonize those that reject their beliefs. They can’t see someone may not share their beliefs on saving the planet or abortion-on-demand but may find common ground on providing healthcare and better living conditions. Some libs are so looney they attack you even when you sympathize with them on certain causes.

It’s frightening to see the indoctrination of our children. They behave as if they’re under some kind of spell. Being “triggered,” weeping and crying because someone denied them something. It isn’t liberal or progressive, it’s narcissism — wanting society to conform to your own delusional reality. You have to treat leftists like children. Like adolescents, they can’t comprehend nuance, seeing everything as black and white. If you don’t like President Obama you’re a racist and disliking Hillary makes you a misogynist. As with children, liberals truly believe that the role of government is to feed, clothe, provide housing, childcare and paid vacations. It’s anathema to them that some don’t want charity.

On January 21, We the People are going to take the rattles away from the babies. So you can buy a ticket and board the Trump train or do what you liberals promised if Trump got elected.

Get your tickets and move to Canada. If you want to behave like children, we’re going to treat you like children.