Photograph of a group of women doing stretching exercises outdoors.
The United States Army

I look at women and men as cars, from Volkswagens all the way up to Big Body Benz: when dealing with your priceless body, you must take care of it so you won’t end up in the junkyard.  

In other words, love yourself so you won’t have a funeral because of your lifestyle.  

Taking care of yourself is easy. Like yourself, love yourself, set your goals and stick with it to the end. Pray, eat right, exercise, go to the doctor regularly. Do right by others and animals, too. Me, myself and I feed the birds. My friends have cats and I love dogs. I want to work with them in a career of some sort.  

Shout out to Leonard, who just passed away. God bless his soul.  

Thank you all in Newspaper Land – you are the best.