Photo of Donald Trump standing behind lectern
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I can’t breathe 

In this mother****in’ mask 

COVID-19, plus my Aunty just passed 

Now some of my friends getting sick 


Who woulda thought 

that a sneeze could get you kilt? 

Who woulda thought 

that a cough could make you die? 


George Floyd’s another ribbon in the sky 

That sh** made me puke 

I never knew a knee could be worser 

Than a neck on a noose


So we riot, we loot 

‘Cause when we peacefully protest, 

And be quiet, 

They shoot


The police, the police  

They need to be defunded 

The police, the police 

They be pulling out their guns quick


No justice

No peace 

Now everybody screaming, 

“F*** the police!”


Killed a man over a cigarette

Shot a kid until he bled to death

They even hung a Black women

Now they hangin’ Black children


Somebody told them to shoot at what’s dark

Then somebody told him to shoot at his heart

Somebody told them that Black don’t crack 

After he was handcuffed, he got shot In the back


911 or 411? 

“Mr. Officer, don’t reach for your gun”

“I got a wife an’ three kids, 

Mr. Officer, can I live?” 


Black lives don’t matter when we keep dying 

My mayor told the president, “Stop lying” 

Instead of finding a cure, took a photo opp 

Now the coronavirus can’t be stopped 


New cases

New deaths 

They just keep growing and growing, 

Mr. President.

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