A skyline of D.C. buildings - Adams Morgan
Eric Falquero

During the hot summer, venders experience a daily struggle to make a living. In the summer, not as many customers are buying the paper, not as many are paying close attention. Some people don’t know what Street Sense is all about. Do they ask? Do they care? Are they concerned for venders? We as vendors are struggling. We’re having a hard time with our bills, our rent, our social life and so on. A hard time with everything. We ask all customers to pay close attention to us and recognize our struggle and effort of selling the paper to them during this slow period. During this summer we are in need of support from everyone.

To have a kind thoughtful loving heart, reach out to a vender. Please help the needy and support us. We love everybody’s support. We love to smile, to make customers feel welcome and happy, to show them how exciting our paper is when they open up to read it. We’re not just a regular paper. We’re special and we always try to make our customers aware of what we do.

We are trying. We’re survivors, trying to be strong, brilliant, successful. We’re trying to keep our heads above water. We have prayers lifted up for everyone.

Street Sense has allowed me to come a long way. I’ve been with Street Sense since 2006 and this job has taught me a lot. I have met a lot of wonderful and beautiful customers along the way. I am well known everywhere. People say I brighten up their day with a smile and cheer. I make their day real special.

Please help support us vendors. We really need the help. Next time you see us smile and buy a paper. You will be blessed.