CC0 Public Domain

A month to renew sun up to sundown

For you

To become brand new

All his mercies sent down to you

A time to achieve

You believe

In his blessed word

To forgive with no need to forget

And yet to give a kind word

To come into a light

To give a one’s life

For the greeting of peace

To live and learn restraints

In this time of mercy received

From His grace we came to be

One of many who prayed for this day

one month of truth

To read for fill, refill

You need in the spirit of love of one

who knows

every hair on her head

and cages the devil this month

But still the test of his helpers whispers

of misdeeds

For you who believe in the blessed

month of mercy

A thousand years of prayers received

O for my father’s father

My mother’s mother

To see to behold. Mercy in your hands

Read this month and believe in the one

Who gives us peace

Of a Ramadan Summer