fall trees
Kathy Kimpel/Flickr

Fall is arriving soon,
Summer fun is gone.

Those long hot days of 100 degree weather,
the hottest summer we had.

The weather has been so dry.
drinking a lot of water,
going swimming,
keeping cool,
stay where it’s air conditioned.

We didn’t hardly get rain,
so we had to bare it out.

A trip to the beach to cool down,
relaxing on the beach sand on a blanket,
eating watermelon,
drinking a lot of fluids,
or eating ice cream or popsicles.

Others enjoyed summer BBQ on the grill, cooking steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, corn on the cob, fixing a cold salad, or glasses of lemon ice water. I enjoyed all the summer days.

Well farewell to summer and say hello to the fall season!