Photo of a newspaper lying on the sidewalk.
Photo by armin djuhic on Unsplash

“A little help with a donation?” is what I like to say. Two bucks might bring a lot of luck, you never know. Give a little, you might get a lot. Well, we spend more money on other things that don’t mean nothing at all. Life is a gamble anyway, so why not help someone in need if you can? But not everyone sees it that way.

My experience of trying to sell my Street Sense papers near The Best Sandwich Place was terrible. First, before I started working, I went to use their bathroom. And boy, when I went through the door the staff looked at me like they thought I was ready to pull out a gun. So when I went back outside and started to sell my papers, the people going in the sandwich place did not want to help at all. They straight acted like jerks. I posted there for two hours and didn’t get a single donation

When COVID changed people’s foot traffic, I began selling my papers at Harris Teeter. Some people that really love Street Sense have been very generous. But a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday, I had a bad experience with one of their employees. He came outside and stood directly across from where I was selling my papers and was on his phone talking and judging me for selling my papers. I asked if he would move down away from me and he said “F*** you, out here trying to get donations. You must don’t know who I am.” 

I told him I  didn’t care who he was or how much money he had. And he said he had enough money to pay to get me killed!

Why would you treat anyone like that? You never know when the shoe can be on another foot. So help with a little donation if you can. Take care and may God bless us all with a big golden ball.