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Nation’s capital. Only key to survive is to live.


If the politicians don’t murder you, the street life will for real. And people know, it’s the elements that run things. So, we push forward to the fullest. Get involved in as much as possible, and have them playing dodgeball with words.

Check my technique, so different and ready. Don’t know if I should grow or be needy. Need feedback, ASAP. Don’t let me rot in the dread. Hello D.C., welcome to the real world, one in your front yard. So, we give our words, making a difference as much as possible. Sharing our idea, thoughts and lives. Exchanging ourselves so that we can better see where we are headed. The street life is one that requires us to share what we have. Because if we didn’t, the only companion we would have is the all-familiar feeling of the street life. The cold wind, that hot summer noon day, or W Street. A cold cycle, leading back to ourselves. Bear with me, I am get- ting somewhere. I will paint a nice portrait so we can all see what we are dealing with. Like before, stay tuned….

Keep smiling and have a great day.