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One road, two ways, three accidents, four people, five caskets. Take the road less traveled. Make your own way. There’s no road.

Sit back. Observe. All wrong. Where do your desires lay? Observe your desires. Sit back and see  yourself. Contemplate the road in front of you, use your energies, create, take the road higher than the one you are on. Take your situation as a school and learn the lesson.

All that stuff once meant be kind to yourself, close to your enemies, loving to your family. Stay in tune with the things around you and be helpful to that homeless man. See us as yourself. No funny stuff, just see that truth in front of your Friendship Heights, Metro Center, Gallery Place, Tenleytown. Don’t ignore us. Struggle or not, pain or not, uneasiness or not.

A man’s worth is hard to define. Our clothes, our hats, our words are not our worth. Our family, our friends, our enemies and those strangers we so often see on the metro define our worth.

Share my life. The one we all have, the one we all want, the one we all desire. The one point where all things converge. The second all things come together. That moment of confusion, where all things go out the window, where love and hate are the same.

We desire all things, all persons, all passion, all feeling. We will get there, one way or another. No ending, no be- ginning, just a Whole Lotta STUFF.

Stay tuned. Same Bat Time. Same

Bat Channel.