I am Scott Lovell, a former homeless Street Sense Vendor. On October 25 1982 I was hit by two cars in one day causing me to be an amputee right leg below the knee. I was twisted pretty severe causing back damage. I now use a mobile wheel chair to help me get around.
I became homeless in 2004 after a long incarceration in VA selling crack. I first stayed off the streets of Alexandria before moving across the Potomac river to Washington DC.
In 2008 I started sleeping across the Verizon Center. And I became big Capitals fan watching them in the big screen outside the Center. Where I met a McClean resident and Mary Fancyhill.
One night she and her family stopped to talk to me as I was rooting for the Caps (let’s go Caps!). So she went and told the owner about me and he told her he wanted to meet me.
A couple of weeks later, he came and introduced himself and invited me into his suite to watch the Caps play live.
He pushed me in my wheelchair to enjoy the game. A couple months later he helped me find an apartment and job. Now I work part time in McClean VA at Embassy Autowash.
So I decided to bring Street Sense to McLean, Virginia. And the people here are loving the paper! People come and talk with me and encourage me to continue to sell Street Sense.

They listen to my testimonies and pray with me. I have laughed with some of them and have cried with some of them. A lot of them talk about what they can do to help the homeless in McClean.

If you ever are in McClean stop by the carwash or the shopping center and buy a Street Sense newspaper.