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The whole Street Sense Media organization should be ashamed for allowing its platform to be blown as a PR trumpet for Trump. At what point can we all agree that the White House propaganda mill is using you?  

Our paper is not, and should not be, the right station for Trump preachers and delusional believers. The views and opinions expressed by your so-called “Revolutionary Black Conservative” writer are deliberately provocative. There is simply no space for this sort of hatred in a paper about marginalized people and empowerment. Some opinions should be left to outlets such as Fox News, Yellowhammer, Daily Wire and Breitbart. Those sites are well-versed in a lot of topics that your writer is trying to discuss.  

I have nothing against the man, only his divisive manuscript. Street Sense Media should not be involved in any kind of political discussion, unless it is about politics that affect homeless and poor people.  

This is especially true when a political institution of government is preying on someone’s voice to send out its deceitful propaganda.  

The vultures in the White House communications department recently found themselves drooling over an opportunity to promote their boss’s agenda and policy. They had found a supporter in the nation’s capital, where only 4.1 percent of voters chose Trump—and he had a publishing platform.  

They couldn’t pass it up. Phone calls were placed. A special meeting was promptly set up in the West Wing. With the full support of our editor, the black conservative went to the White House. They marched like hens into a fox’s den. Every propaganda machine is good at putting on a show, and boy-oh-boy did they get a queen’s royal treatment. The White House played them like a damn fiddle. 

This administration has been engulfed in scandal since the 2017 inauguration. Now they’re grasping for any foothold. When someone tries to save a drowning victim, they accept the risk of being pulled in by the victim and drowning themselves. As the president’s administration continues to spiral, I don’t want to see that happen to our paper and our livelihood. 

I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever—I only care that you open your eyes and judge without bias. But it is hard for some people to do that on an opinion page where  your conservative columnist freewheels all day with his absurd thoughts, opinions and ideas. There is not enough balance. If you’re going to keep publishing about broad politics, you need more voices to consistently represent other viewpoints. We all have the right to live in a safe and secure environment. But I don’t think that those in power, or the writers who support them, agree.