Pen and paper

I have never written a letter to Street Sense before, but I’ve been a reader for years.  Let me get to the point: I am a Democrat — a liberal Democrat —  and I am tired of being insulted by Jeffery McNeil. I am tired of him insulting people who have a viewpoint different from his.   

In his last column, he said Black progressives “shill for the White man.”  I’m not sure what White Man he is talking about when he writes, “None of them is capable or qualified to govern a nation.”  Isn’t that a silly thing to say?  Haven’t we gotten past categorizing people based on the color of their skin?  Are all White men the same?  How about if someone says a certain point of view is what “The Black man” thinks? 

Mr. McNeil shouts out strings of totally unnecessary insults. Here are three just from his March 6 column: “The left is not interested in solving social ills,”  “According to the left, only White men can be racist” and “Liberals turn people into weak minded snowflakes… They’re disgusting!” 

Under the Constitution, Mr. McNeil is 100 percent entitled to his opinions, and to write down his opinions, or speak about them whenever he wants. That is his First Amendment right. No doubt about it.  However, under the Constitution, Street Sense is under no obligation to print his insults week after week, particularly when Mr. McNeil categorizes people by skin color and says what “The White man” thinks.   

Street Sense has an open submission policy, but it would not be suppressing the viewpoint of the right if Street Sense were to stop printing any column that insults people with differing viewpoints.  And it would not be trying to deny Mr. McNeil or anyone his/her rights to make political points if Street Sense were to have an editorial policy to stop printing as a regular column, what “The White man” thinks, or what The Black man thinks.” 

Honestly, I’m starting to wonder why I am paying $2 a week to see myself publicly insulted.