Photo of Gerald Anderson and one of his customers.
Ken Martin

It was an enviable and inspiring experience. I was witnessing my fellow vendor and a writing mentor on stage doing a Q&A and later a signing of their joint effort “Still Standing: How an Ex-Con Found Salvation in the Floodwaters of Katrina” by Gerald Anderson and Susan Orlins.

Introduced by Robert Warren, the director of the People for Fairness Coalition (PFFC), Mr. Anderson spoke of his exploits, including the rescue of a D.C. Metrorail rider from an oncoming train. (Red Line)

Ms. Orlins’ interview was followed by questions from the audience, an endorsement from poet Chris Shaw and the book signing. What I remember best, besides the original order to ‘take pictures, but no faces,’ is the audience, then wanting their faces in pics w/Gerald!

The fact that during the applause and after, during the signing and after, all were still standing!
It’s a book worth reading too.