I was thinking I was doing a good deed by helping my mother. But, even though that’s true, I am having a hard time taking care of myself. I didn’t know I was around a devious uncle last summer. He made me believe in my mind he loved me, but he tried to kill me twice around my mother. My mother is stressed and ill right now.

I am no help when I am around hatred and liars. My uncle is very dangerous. I have lost all my love and trust for him. Every night I see him, I am looking at the devil.This is my mother’s house, but he carries on as if it is his house. Just because I am helping her he told me I am a dumb***. He is really nasty to me.

Then my other uncle was murdered in his house last Christmas. I didn’t know what happened with that, and all I saw was greed from that uncle’s brother.

I am stressed because my mother is ill and I don’t have a home. When I saw my mental-health case worker last summer, he told me they were going to find me a place. But I was lied to: I didn’t know my social worker quit, and his agency didn’t inform me he had left. When I came to one of my appointments and asked for my case manager, they told me he didn’t work there anymore. My life has been crushed because my case manager told me he would find me a place and hasn’t. I just don’t know who to trust in these mental-health places.

I am trying not to be hurt by my uncle and trying not to hurt anyone. I am holding on. But I don’t know for how much longer. I am tired of sleeping outside and not getting any support or housing from the D.C. government. My body is weak, and I need some rest from these streets.

I want to thank every person on Wisconsin Avenue NW for their help and support when it comes to the homeless. I want to thank the homeowner for letting me do side work when you need it. I want to thank God for giving me the strength to hold on. When people ask, “Are you okay today?”, I lie because I don’t want anyone to feel bad for what I did to myself. My love is for everyone. But I need to be loved and be stable. Stay strong and stay warm.