A photograph of a statue of a praying angel.

Everything I work on starts and ends with prayer. And especially now, I would like to acknowledge my Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand with a prayer.  

For me, I’ve prayed for housing, another wife, and a financial breakthrough, just to name a few. 

There are always steps to take, more prayers to say, and networking and researching to accomplish. You have to be faithful. But you also have to take responsibility for yourself and what you are capable of. I plan on going back to work and am looking for opportunities that include on-the-job training so that I can become even more capable. 

Most of all, stay out of your own way and don’t block your blessings. Being a veteran helped me move to the top of the list for housing, and now I’m apartment hunting! 

You’ve got to stick with the processes in your life and always try to move forward — things will work out.  

Thanks for your support. Be blessed.