a storm

Stranded in the ruins
Of a worn out fantasy,
Haunted by the memory
Of what will never be.

My aching heart needs a rest,
But I need to feel alive.
I need someone to hold me
And tonight you’ll do, just

Don’t make me any promises.
Don’t tell me any lies.
Just stay until the morning,
Then leave me with a smile.

Inside I’m aching
For the dream that got away,
But that won’t stop me.
They’re just scraps from yesterday.
Don’t talk about tomorrow.
Don’t think of yesterday.
Forget about where you should be,
And tell me that you’ll stay.

Oh, the night is filled with shadows,
Lost souls of love gone wrong.
Don’t whisper words of forever.
Don’t tell me that I’m strong.

Just say you’ll stay
For a little while.