An African-american person wearing a red shirt washes their hands. Only their torso, arms, and hands are visible in the photo
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In my eyes, things like good hygiene come from the home. Please cover your mouth when you cough, yawn, etc. Germs get airborne. I’m wearing gloves and washing my hands six times a day.

It’s sad this virus is spreading so fast around the world. The elderly are the most at risk of serious danger if they catch it. I just hope and pray that they come up with a vaccine. It’s urgent. Canada has said they have one in the works.

My hygiene level has changed. I’m getting as much sleep as I can and consuming more raw garlic, ginger, and tea.

Once again, cover your mouth when you cough and wash your hands thoroughly. Those are your germs. Please contain them. I’ll contain mine. We can all make a difference, but we have to act deliberately.

Take care of yourself and family and think hygiene and safety, always. God Bless.