Illustration courtesy of Street Sense Media

Reggies Jones


I started at Street Sense in 2018. A friend named Shawn Herring thought it would be a good fit for me and I went to the first orientation they had. From there, I was a temporary vendor. And I think I did pretty well selling papers with Shawn’s help because next thing you know I was permanent.

From then on, Street Sense has been good to me. I will not lie, I already had good people skills as far as talking to folks. Now it’s 2021 and I’m still here. So God is good.

Daniel Ball


I got started at Street Sense in the year 2015. 

My first experience was selling at 19th Street NW. And the people loved me, because I had a lot of respect, sold a lot of new Street Sense papers, and made a lot of good money on 19th Street NW. 

Now my girlfriend is a Street Sense vendor too. Thank you, Street Sense Media, for everything you have done for me for all these years.