Image of the Enterprise and the Tardis.
Rooners Toy Photography/ Flickr

Star Date: 99995074.9. The Enterprise was in route to Star Base 89 when they ended up in orbit of Earth 2. Captain Riker is confused about what is going on. The intruder alert begins blaring and Riker orders Rolfe to investigate Shuttlebay 3.

There he finds something that looks like an old police call phone booth that you walk in to. Rolfe sees two people come out. Then Q shows up!

No one knows what is going on.

The intruders are led to the bridge to meet with Captain Riker. They all start talking over each other until a Borg ship comes upon the Enterprise. At least the Borg ship appears to have no weapons.

Everyone is getting upset.

Then I showed up on the view screen to greet them. “I need to see everyone on Holodeck 5.”

They complied.

“Hello. My name is Kenneth Belkosky and I know you have questions about why you are here orbiting Earth 2,” I said. “Well, as you can all see, I am writing a story. I’ll write you again and you will understand.”