A drawing of a smiling sun over between two trees over a hill
Illustration by Chon Gotti

Street Sense Media’s artists and vendors take a look at what it means now that spring is here again.

Welcome to Spring

By Jackie Turner

The spring is like taking off the heavy and putting on the light. The world is brighter. The days last longer. No worries about either the cold or the snow. You love the wind because it moves things around that were stuck. Little by little, it blows them away. Spring is nature cleaning house. 

Then the best parts: the flowers start to grow and the wonderful colors start to show. When those colors come and the air warms, so do peoples’ spirits. That gives them the idea that they made it through and something better is coming. Spring is beginning! 


By Ayub Abdul

Spring, a time of growth
Flowers come out and the trees turn green
With all the beauty that brings 

After the spring rains
The air smells fresher
More invigorating 

The weather warms
Life blossoms
Anything seems possible 

 This is my time of year! 


By Frederic John

Hey you, hi—ku!
No more blooms
I am feeling too much gloom
Better cherries next year
Have no fear, see you soon

(Ezra Pound meets Ogden Nash)

Spring Fling Time

By Anthony Carney

Spring means flowers, butterflies and women wearing sundresses. It means I can wear shorts if I want to feel cool. And the bees are busy making the honey I love to eat, especially on my delicious buttermilk biscuits. Spring brings beauty to the city! 

Stayin’ in Tune 

By Ibn Hipps

Springtime means no more Arctic winds and more warm weather! It will be easier to get to places that help homeless people like me. Warm hands. Happy faces.  

Adversity Builds Character

By Reginald Denny

Spring is in the air, but I really don’t care. Even though it’s nice, sunny, and dry.

We’ll still find something to complain about. We’ll complain and bicker and cry, which only results in making us sicker.  

What is it about the human mind that it so often gravitates to a place of discontent? It baffles me to the point of disbelief that one can’t get to the space of just being grateful for what we got. We’ve come through dangers seen and unseen and we’re still here! Trials, tribulations, perils, and the sword all come to make us stronger. 

Remember, life’s experiences are but for a season. Embrace the moment!