A photograph of a man walking past an industrial building.


Sounds in and around. 
Sounds not audible but clear. 
Sound we hold dear. 
Sounds that we revere. 
Sounds that reveal nature. 
Sounds and silence all in me. 
Silence sounds like everyone 
but no one. 
Sounds who lift weights. 
Sounds appear in any places. 
Sounding out these words 
in this place. 
How do we sound 
without a place? 
Which sound to isolate? 
What is that sound? 
I guess I’ll investigate. 
Can prosperity and abundance 
make a sound? 
Is poverty a sound 
no one wants  
to be around?  
Hands down  
listen to the sound 
of our rhythm.  
Continuing on a long list 
of greatness’ mission. 
If only we would listen to the 


Complete absence of sound. 
The lack of noise. 
The fact of abstaining from using free speech. 
Avoidance, as some walk the other way. 
The avoidance of discussing the impoverished. 
Complete absence and avoidance of something everyone is close to. 
Laying or standing still because it fit the status quo. 
Not showing a single sign of respect for me or our fallen soldiers in the economic battle. 
An opportunity for prayers of the people. 
Prohibiting or prevent their voices, their votes, their choices. 
Preventing and prohibiting our lives.