Image of performers at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2013.
MyEyeSees/ Flickr

Just last year you were here with the family. Last Thanksgiving you were in the hospital for your operation. They sent you home in an ambulance a few days later. You fought the battle of your illness. You made it home for Thanksgiving.

You smiled and cheered. Mom prepared a nice turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls. The Hospice care sent you and mom a large Thaksgiving basket.You enjoyed a hot Thanksgiving meal as you sat up in bed with us. You will have your first Thanksgiving with Jesus and your loved ones this year.

This time, the table will be big enough for you and the Angels. Your spirit is still with us at Thanksgiving here. You will be missed. Thanksgiving will be very sad and upsetting without you. Without your glowing, charming smile. Without your love and your blessing the table to give thanks.

Tears fill my eyes as well as mom’s, Dorian’s, Tracey’s, Sean’s Bridgett’es and Darlenes eyes. Someone is missing, and that person is you dad.

The table is empty without you. But your love for us is there and your angel spirit is sitting before us at the table.
Thanksgiving is different without you here. Many memorable moments of you will be thought about always. I cry a million tears of sorrow. I cry because I miss you. I cry because I am hurt that you are gone. Gone home to Jesus. To live a new, healthy life of joy and happiness, no more pain.

One day we will all be together for Thanksgiving and this will be a cry of joy and happiness as we are reunited as one family. Mom has been strong for everyone. This Thanksgiving you’re at the welcomed table in spirit with us. Smiling.
You have never left us. You are still here in memory. We will always love you. I will miss you watching the football game and the Macy’s Parade.

Dad, you are always in our hearts. Every day and forever remembered by us.
Thanksgiving is different this year, but your love still lives in us forever and ever.