Sometimes I get depressed seeing what’s happened to Washington, D.C. It’s no secret that many are demoralized and heartbroken. Washington residents gave Hillary Clinton 90 percent of their vote. I wish I could say something reassuring. However, many are upset that I don’t know my role of being subservient to my betters.

Reality is hard. Despite the nightly Fake News not one Trump supporter has any regrets voting for him. The Democrats are still in disarray, unable to come to grips on why Queen Hillary lost. Their egos won’t allow them to admit that President Trump didn’t cheat or collude, he just flat out whipped her.

The Democratic Party has lost touch with ordinary people and became the party of Thurston Howell III. They couldn’t beat a person that had a 64 percent disapproval rating on Election Day. Many Democratic operatives still believe they’re the smartest people in the room. They’re doubling down on the same failed strategies that lost more than 1,000 legislative seats since Obama was elected.

It remains to be seen whether Hillary will do the right thing and exit the political scene. I bet she won’t. Like her husband, she’ll manipulate whine and weasel her way back into a possible run in 2020. I wonder whether Washingtonians, particularly African Americans, will be gullible enough to enable Hillary to manipulate them back to shilling for her. I’m disillusioned by how many Washingtonians have sold their souls to a party as corrupt as the Democrats. Shouldn’t honor and integrity be more important than pursuit of material goals?

I watched the left go from being a social movement to becoming an unruly mob. It’s like watching the French Revolution in real time. The cause was cannibalized by a faction that has contempt for the people they claim to be fighting for. Their arrogance and contempt for everyday Americans shows no limits or bounds.

It’s sad to watch how mean-spirited and vulgar liberals have become. I remember being young and admiring the oratory of Adam Clayton Powell, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Comedians and entertainers such as George Carlin, Robin Williams, and Richard Pryor were provocative but not disgusting and vile. They didn’t have to resort to staging assassinations, beheadings or using the N-word to get laughter.

There is an arrogance of the Washington establishment that needs to be broken. The social movements of the sixties sought to change stereotypes, not confirm what right-wing extremists thought of us. During the period of Civil Rights, we showed the best that the left had to offer. Today idiots speaking Ebonics, men wearing orange jumpsuits, and our Black women walking the streets only in a thong and see through blouse. This isn’t liberation. It’s vile and disgusting and reinforces what racists already think of us.

I say this not with malice but with only the best intentions of my heart. I voted for Trump because The Democratic Party has become the party that promotes debauchery, vulgarity and sickness. The Democratic Party is imploding and their intra-squabbling is embarrassing the nation as well as the world. Liberals need to pull it together. They are embarrassing our country.

For those living with liberals — don’t be hard on them, pray for them. Give them a Bible, take them to church, inject them with love and let them receive the spirit. Although America is in our darkest hour, our nation has been through worse. The way to defeat leftism is through love not scorn, derision and contempt.

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense vendor and columnist.