A photo of a set of keys.
Moyan Brenn/Flickr

Some things in life can be lost. When you say “lost,” it can mean many things. A while ago, I lost the keys to my apartment. I called my landlord and got copies made. Now I have a new set of keys.

Some people lose touch with reality and find it hard to replace lost things. Basically, some things can be lost and regained, but others must stay lost.

I’ve lost a member of my family to death. My grandmother, age 83, passed recently. I was able to go to the funeral. Even though I lost her, I will always remember her.

What about sports players who lose a game? Some players suffer career-ending injuries. Speaking of injuries, health can be lost. Some people depend on medications to prevent this.

What’s important to remember is that just because things are lost doesn’t mean you can’t find continuing joy or new happiness in life.