Scott Meis/Flickr

Stolen time
lost minutes
hard to die off

Faded visions, blurry sight
on a mission to win it

Leaving lost what’s lost
new insight
on how to hold strong

My life line, stray long
falling stars
I catch ‘em all

For he who felt the strive
don’t give up
continue to ride

For these believing smiles, pleasant faces
congratulating, hand shaking
and hugs

There’s that rain to wash away the mud
(I’ll be back!)
like Arnold Swarzenager

That’s all it takes, determination
our time expiring
failure is at it’s all-time high of extinction

A thousand mistakes
I’ll fix ‘em all, never quitting
under new construction

I smile cause of my faith
in function won’t stop for nothing
better something

Eye’s do see
like the touch of Christ
new sight, striving might

I smile.