When their eyes see the signs
They will change what they know of themselves
For all their silver and gold
With their heats in their throats,
This day was foretold
For this day no words will you hear
Only the sounds of footsteps
As they come near
For the boastful and the proud
Shall walk on their face
And their hands and feet will testify this day
Many will be fed from an evil treat
And their souls will be lost
For who they used to be
Some will say to others, you said this day will never come
As I join you in days of play and fun
And the ones they called on will be lost to them this day
Their prayer and deeds will carry no weight
The gates will be opened and the keeper will say
Come one and come all, for in your new places
There’s room for you all
As the fire hurls through their burning skin
Man will ask Malik to ask his Lord
To let our lives end
His reply will be ‘forever is the promise that must be kept’
For Hell is a place where no one has slept.