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What is side by side? Side by side is two people or two churches or two homeless shelters or two homeless outreach programs. 

Or two cities or states or two nations or two worlds working together, for a common good to end homelessness. 

They may be black or white, they may be rich or poor, they may be homeowners or homeless, they may be police or military men and the list goes on and on. 

In ancient times, a city with broken walls led to defeated people, exposed to danger and shame. 

That is why the Jews rebuilt the Wall of Jerusalem. How? By working side by side, an expression that can well describe Nehimiah 3. At first glance, chapter 3 might appear to be a boring account of who did what in the construction. However, a closer look highlights how people worked together. 

Priests were working alongside, perfume makers were helping as well as goldsmiths. 

Two things stand out from this chapter. First, they all worked together for a common good. Second, all of them are commended for being part of the work, not for how much or little they did as compared to others. 

Today we see damaged families and a broken society and frightened individuals. But Jesus came to build the kingdom of God, through the transformation of lives. 

We can help to rebuild our neighborhoods and communities and our city and states and nation by showing others they can find hope and a new life in Jesus. 

All of us have something to do. So, let us work side by side and do our part, whether big or small to create a community or society or city or state and country of love and peace and Joy. 

Caring and sharing and unity…and the list goes on and on, where people can find Jesus. 

Dear Lord help me to work with others, side by side by showing, once again lovepeacecaringsharing, and helping others. And pointing others to Jesus! 

Let’s work together (side by side) to bring homelessness to an end. 

Most books inform but the good book, which is the Holy Bible, transforms us from being divided to being united. From weak to being strong. From being homeless to homeowner.   

Glory be to the Lord – Have mercy on me. 

We must stay side by side, when it comes  to giving or receiving donations. Or bringing homelessness to an end.