A photograph of hip-hop artist Kanye West in performance.

The Black community is in an uproar because Kanye West and Jim Brown visited Donald Trump on prison reform on Thursday. I don’t get it. Mass incarceration is something that affects nearly all in the Black community and if the Congressional Black Caucus refuses to work with Trump on an issue they once supported why shouldn’t Kanye and other black leaders visit the president?  

African Americans say they want to have an honest conversation about race — that’s until you honestly conversate with them. Black Progressives love to point to structural racism yet rarely want to discuss the problems in many of our inner cities which don’t involve race. Chicago is a prime example of Democrats’ failures.  

After the crime, drugs and senseless deaths we got tired of the lies, alibis and excuses. Democrats run Chicago — not Republicans or the Klan. Trump wants to get rid of the bad people but the culture of not snitching, and accepting drug dealers, prevails.  Many African Americans  got tired of the groupthink mentality that blacks should keep giving Democrats there vote and accepting poverty.  

Donald Trump is teaching African Americans they’re worth more than food stamps and a welfare check. He’s teaching Blacks to build up their own communities rather than looking for Washington to do everything for them. Black people have a trillion dollar economy — way more than they could get in reparations — but these corrupt Black politicians keep leading them down the path of misery.  I don’t want to be a victim, nor do I want a free lunch. I want what Trump and Kanye have. The American Dream.  

I don’t want to listen to limousine liberals, who are rich themselves, say the American Dream isn’t for me when someone’s getting off their ass and becoming wealthy. Get that socialist, Marxist nonsense out of my face!  

It was great to see Kanye West and Donald Trump have an honest, raw conversation with no liberals. Watching West hug Trump — for me, that may have been the most powerful moment in American history since I was invited to the White House myself. Truth is I’m not a big fan of Kanye West, but he smashed it.  

Somewhere Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X are smiling. Kanye exudes black uplift over victimhood. West is the modern day Booker T. — a free thinking brother. Sure, like Trump, he says wild and crazy stuff. So do Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder. Kanye just has what other African Americans don’t have: courage.  

After watching the marches and protests, I feel sad about what the Democrats have become. There were always fringe elements in the Democratic Party, but there were statesman such as Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey or Daniel Patrick Moynihan, men who lowered the temperature rather than increased it. In 1992 Bill Clinton stood up to Sista Souljah over divisive comments. With today’s Democratic Party there are no statesmen. It’s anything goes and you finally see conservatives standing up to these bullies.   

America got a glimpse of what America can become, with the smearing of Brett Kavanaugh, an honorable man with an impeccable record, if we’re not vigilant about our constitutional principles and values.  

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense Media vendor and artist. He also writes for the Washington Examiner.