Photo of a full moon in the cloudy night sky
sandid/ Pixabay

Seventeen is the time to get serious
about Heaven, Hell
and life after death
Or are those days just to wander about
asking who are we and why are we here

It’s all the same when you are around
those golden years of youth
now lost to times of war
How was I to hate the enemy at thirteen
I began to realize that people are people
and some do what they do

If Hell awaits, it must be hard to get there
it might not take long
But who has time to think of Hell and Sin
when life’s test is coming
to make your testimony

You thought you had seen Heaven
and the wealth of others
But what if you could trade it all
to purify your thoughts
and be one who knows

Try to remember
the first time you forgave me
is living better at nineteen
before you learn people tell so many lies

When doing something makes you feel good
there is peace in Heaven
to get out of Hell
until that second wind
when the angel of Death rips out your soul

Who knew it? Heaven or Hell.