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You can find bright spots in every corner of the District. Usually these are people and organizations helping their peers. Sometimes, though, that bright spot may come from an area that is not a part of the city. One example is the Church of the Nazarene. Based in Woodbridge, Va., the church helps those facing poverty in D.C. through its Mercy Ministries program. Its mission is to clothe, feed and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the unsheltered on the streets of the District and in eastern Prince William County. On the first Saturday of each month the ministry comes to the District to serve 200 home-less people by providing meals, seasonal clothing and toiletries and by providing love and compassion to those in need. In addition, a Night of Hope is held every year in the District on the last Saturday night in June. On the Night of Hope, the Mercy Ministry goes beyond its regular outreach efforts and provides a shower truck, barber shop and first aid station, as well as live performances and supplies of all sorts.The Mercy Ministry also has a food gleaning net-work to gather and distribute food to the community. The Ministry also provides clothing to local shelters and emergency assistance. The Mercy Ministry also holds seasonal free yard sales to reach out to the community to provide the opportunity to fill their clothing needs for each season at no cost to anyone