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The Interfaith Conference (IFC) aims to promote dialogue, understanding and a sense of community among persons of diverse faiths and to work cooperatively for social and economic justice in metropolitan Washington, D.C.” The 11 member faiths include Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Protestantism. Additionally the IFC reaches out to the Baha’i, Jain, Latter-day Saints, Sikh and Zoroastrian faith communities. The final goal of the conference? Making the District the symbol of social and economic justice the member organizations believe it should be. Individuals attending the conference have the opportunity to educate and advocate for their faith while also gaining a more complete understanding of other religions. This mutual interfaith understanding then promotes a coalition of communities.

The IFC expands on their vision of “advancing justice, building community,” and “nurturing understanding” through a variety of service programs throughout the city. Youth from different communities unite to clean up the environment and construct low- income housing for needy families. Such projects make the District
much more livable and establish a welcoming social landscape.

By inviting religious leaders and active youth driven to improve their city, the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington hopes to promote justice and cooperation. Instead of seeing Wards 1-8 as separate communities, the IFC hopes that the nation’s capital will transform into a united, cooperative and proactive capital that becomes a symbol for religious collaboration.