A photo of a woman praying
Marc Brüneke/Flickr

I say a little prayer before I sell my Street Sense newspaper. I say a little prayer to all of my customers and to the people that don’t buy the paper that I still say hello to. Sometimes I fall short in my thinking, but that is when I ask the higher power to forgive me.

I praise the Lord for giving us all another day. Because tomorrow isn’t promised to me or anyone else.

I praise the Lord for putting wonderful people into my life since I’ve been selling Street Sense. It has made me more humble. (Notice I didn’t say “more patient,” I’m still working on that!) I am able to forgive others easily today, when I pray. In the past I struggled to move past those who had hurt me.

I am much happier today than I have been in these past 60 years. So, now I just try to stay on the path that my angels have guided me on. I hope this may help others that have both less or more than me. Amen.