A man takes part in a pro-life rally.
Elvert Barnes/Flickr

President Donald Trump is against abortion in most cases. The president’s adviser Kellyanne Conway and Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the March for Life here in Washington on Jan. 27. (Pence was the highest-ranking government official to ever speak in person there.)

Many people whose moral compass tells them that life should be protected are probably uplifted by their rallies and their ideology. Conway spoke and stated, among other things, that women “who face unplanned pregnancies are … protected and cared for and celebrated.”

A heartbeat can now be detected during the first trimester of pregnancy. The administration intends to not use any taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. Foreign aid will not be given to countries that permit widespread abortion. Pence said at the rally, the government “will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America.” He went on further to say that he supports “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I wrote a novella called “Gayle Tyler, J.D.” that, in part, explored the financial options of a woman who thought she might be pregnant without the baby’s father to help her. For many reasons, the father of the child may not be involved, nor may be the mother or father’s family. If the government is going to encourage women to have children, possibly without marriage, then it must be willing to help the mother care for the child or children. Otherwise, the strong stance against abortion makes no sense and can put children and women at risk, and possibly put the child in a situation where he or she could become a juvenile delinquent or possibly murdered by the police under circumstances that are unclear.

Rents are high, and the proposed new secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has no experience in the area. This is extremely important because HUD is currently involved with drug and alcohol rehabilitation, employment and other vital services. Republicans have vowed to repeal Obamacare. What will the replacement insurance, if any, be? What if the mother has received welfare for the maximum amount of time permitted? Are there enough day care centers and 24/7 centers for child care? If the mother is a new employee, she may have to work a night shift or a swing shift. She may also need to go to school part time. When the child starts school, he or she may have to go to a charter school, which would mean the mother would have to purchase uniforms.

What if the mother is looking for work? Presently, federal jobs are frozen, and there is no indication as to when the freeze will be lifted. Food stamp allotments are also being cut back.

Having good intentions is one thing. At times, even suppressing the will of most of the people could be wise. However, policies should be compatible.

Is the capital now restricted, or is it in chains? Or rather is it in a straitjacket? It doesn’t know where to go or how to get there.

Gwynette Smith is a Street Sense vendor.