A photo of a mouth painted on a door.
Courtesy of Pexels

Dear Friends, 

I say a word spoken  

to me into my soul.  

For who will believe in the truth  

of the State of the Union? 


Or remember  

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address?  

A line of a word spoken 

yet if God wills it. 

war will continue  

until all wealth piled up  

by the bondsman’s 450 years  

of unrepaid toil  

shall be sunk,  


And until every drop of blood  

drawn with the lash  

shall be paid by another  

drawn with the sword.  


I see a sword of justice  

carried across the land  

From sea to shining sea 

where no man is above the law  

and no lie will stand. 


In FDR’s First Address,  

a line of words spoken,  

“The only thing we have to fear  

Is fear itself,”  

the unjustified fear monger,  

when learning to fear the lord  

is the beginning  

and building a wise nation  

of people endowed with the wisdom of man.  


How else can we face our  

common difficulties of our time,  

compared with the perils 

which our forefather’s conquered  

because they believed  

and were not afraid,  

even when some cried “America First”  

and marched on the Avenue of Freedom  

in White Hoods.  


And now we know of those youths  

whose hearts and eyes were stained  

in bigotry and racism of the time  

That we all fall short of the glory  

is a proven truth,  

and for the Lord’s grace and mercy,  

let the people of this land work. 

That the State of our Union  

will not be a wall that divides us  

but the wisdom of the words  

spoken by wise men  

and the mothers who knew.