I’m not a fan of Roseanne Barr nor do I defend what she said. However, I’m annoyed by one set of rules for liberals and another standard for Trump supporters. I’m glad the left is taking a moral stand against all forms of hate and bigotry, but why isnt the same standard applied to Bill Maher, who called Donald Trump an orangutan, or Samantha Bee, who called the president’s daughter something even worse, or Michelle Wolf, who fat-shamed Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Joy Reid has said inflammatory things about gays and Muslims yet remains on the air. So please spare me about Roseanne Barr.    

I wish the insults and name calling would stop from both sides but that is the nature of politics. When you’re in the public eye and become political, half the public will hate your guts. That is the nature of the beast. When you put something in print, somebody is going to find it vile and offensive. If you’re in politics and can’t stand being criticized or mocked then maybe you shouldn’t be in politics.  

The lamestream media acts like this language has never been in politics, but in the past politics was more vicious and bloodier.  Before there was Trump Derangement there was Franklin Roosevelt derangement. Capitalists and conservatives called Roosevelt’s New Deal the Jew Deal. Father Charles Coughlin had a weekly broadcast audience of 30 million followers listening to conspiracy theories about zionists in cahoots with a capitalist cabal to form a New World Order. 

I don’t think Roseanne Barr should be fired any more than should the left-wing pundits who say idiotic and stupid things. What I find insulting is that white liberals have such low opinions of African Americans that they truly believe we’re so feeble minded that we’re not capable of standing up to mean people and bullies.