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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was recently caught on tape commenting that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay federal income tax.
The comment may come back to haunt him, since many of them are also veterans, military service members, seniors and working poor people who Romney might otherwise have been able to win over.

Even more troubling than Mitt Romney being caught on tape being candid about his views of the working class, though are his views on Israel and immigrants. Unfortunately it won’t matter in the end, because there is a segment of society who will never vote for Obama, believing he is not an American.

While liberals are acting like a bunch of piranhas over a dead carcass, I urge everyone to hold off buying inauguration tickets. Mitt Romney and his rich buddies still have a war chest of cash, and many states have right wing legislatures who are still trying to block people from voting by using voter ID laws. Also as an African American, I know many blacks who are still smoldering because Obama came out and supported gay marriage.

Although it seems that the wheels are coming off for Romney and the Republicans, it remains to be seen if President Obama can deliver a knockout blow in the debates like Muhammad Ali, or will he be another Apollo Creed who failed to knock out Rocky Balboa. (which ended up giving us five more movies!)

I am hoping that Obama succeeds, because it would be good for this country to be rid of conservatism and its love child the Tea Party. The Republicans should be embarrassed that they trotted such an inept candidate out onto the world stage.

But when all is said and done, America deserves better than what the political parties are selling us. That is why I remain an independent. To me voting for Obama is like bailing a relative out of jail, I don’t want to do it but its the responsible thing to do.

What really worries me is seeing liberals saturating the airwaves with this video. Some are predicting landslides and demise of the Tea Party.

I’ve seen this movie before, liberals have made these claims since Watergate. The liberal media circled the wagons claiming that conservatism was over. This fool hearted prediction about conservatism’s demise has been premature. Instead, a worse element evolved into the fundamentalist extremism you see today on the right. Republican Presidents like Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan would be thrown out of today’s party, for working with democrats.

My advice to President Obama is to pull his liberal friends aside and say “zip it!!!”. There is no reason to gloat. As someone who is a centrist, it doesn’t endear me to see liberal pundits breaking out there encyclopedias and fact checkers every time Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney say something ridiculous.

If liberals want Romney to win, keep it up !!! Bring out your calculators, fact checkers and historical anecdotes to show how intelligent you are.

Did the straight A approach work for Al Gore or John Kerry? I suggest to my liberal friends keep your smarty pants discussions about Republicans at Starbucks and let the market place work by letting Romney go unleashed.